Saturday, April 2, 2011

"The Myth"

Often we hear people spreading such ‘myth’ about how we are supposed to not to bother about other people’s life. But the thing is, our society have become so individualistic that people don’t even talk to their neighbor next door, there are even people who don’t know their neighbor being murdered until a smelly smells comes from the house next door.

If in Islam, we are encourage to remind each other,to warn each other in a manner which is constructive not just criticizing without any suggestions on how to improve their state – else that’s just some purposely attempts to downgrade the other,even towards the non muslims its not exceptional, we are to tell them about Islam even if its one ayat/word. Instead,most of us kept mum, afraid because we know that what in ourself is not enough,so what?

Tell what you know already & at the same time learn what you don’t know. We don’t need to wait to be some ‘ustaz/ustazah’ (religious people) to tell other people about Islam, we are muslims for God sakes!

Its sad to hear new muslims asking,why didn’t we come to them and tell about Islam for to some,had they knew about Islam earlier,they’d probably end up dying without having the opportunity to know about Islam. Between a muslim who knows something about Islam but never tells other potential muslims about Islam,and what? You expect yourself to enter the heaven?This life is not about you (selfishly) gets into heaven while the rest rot in hell. No!

The main purpose of our existence as humans are as ‘Khalif’ which means a leader in this earth made by Allah,to lead,by leading is by being the best example, by following the best example which is Prophet Muhammad SAW who never gave up in telling the people around him about Islam what more us claiming to be his follower but not following what he does ?

How do we expect to become a society when we worship individualism as the so called ‘human rights’ when we ourselves deny their rights to know about the beauty of Islam in other words the right for them to become a muslim like we do? Praying only for ourselves or what some people claim that people should be praying at their own house when we will benefit more by praying at the mosque as a ‘Jamaah’ in order to become an ‘ummah’? Islam is not something we practice at our own backyard,instead it should be practiced & applied in every aspect of our life for its a religion that covers all aspects of our life.

How do we expect to be human if we are not acting like a human being and not some stone cold when we see such sickness in our society without saying a word about it if not try to change it or do something about it.

We DESTROYED generations BEFORE YOU when they did wrong. Their Messengers brought them the Clear Signs, but they never going to have iman. That is how we repay evildoers. Then,We appointed YOU after THEM to be KHALIFS on the earth so We might OBSERVE how you would act (Sura Yunus 10: 13-14)

Read carefully, if Allah can destroy generation before us when they did wrong,so can He destroy us like He did to those before us. Interestingly, is that in this so-called ‘terrorism’ , we see many people becoming muslims ever since the 9/11 rather than otherwise.

But what many of us fail to see is how Allah ‘replaces’ us who claims to be muslims but act miserably otherwise indicating how easy it is for Allah to replace those born as muslims but take Islam for granted by giving Islam to those who was not born a muslim but searched for Islam and appreciates Allah’s grant of Islam to them

Many new muslims became even better muslims than the ‘old’ muslims themselves,spreading Islam to even more people compared to us whom some chose to ‘spread’ Islam to people who’s already a muslim – telling about little things like how you should wear or dress , not to say its not necessary but if we are too busy looking for chances to point out peoples fault here and there, then when will we be able to have the chance & time to make dakwa to the one’s who doesn’t even know Islam or restore Islam that many muslims dream of but never made any actions to make the dream come true by doing something rather than nothing?

I leave that for you to ponder.

~kita hanyalah hamba~